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Central Intelligence

August 18, 2018
By MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
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 Central Intelligence is a movie revolving around the events before a high school reunion. In high school, Bob Stone was bullied for being overweight and was constantly teased. One of the only people who stood up for Bob in high school was Calvin Joyner, the Golden Jet. In high school, Calvin was the coolest kid, an athlete for multiple sports, Prom King, and it seemed like he could do anything. He could do standing back flips, and everybody liked him. However, the day before the high school reunion, Bob Stone contacts Calvin Joyner and grabs a drink with him. Instead of seeing an overweight guy, Calvin sees a ripped Stone that looks stronger than most body builders. At the bar, Bob beats up a bunch of bullies and acts very cool afterwards. Meanwhile, Calvin feels like a loser, because in high school, he was the coolest guy, and now he feels like that he peaked. Joyner is a fast-talking accountant, and he soon discovers that Bob Stone is hiding something, and that something is the fact that he works for the C.I.A. 
 Bob convinces Calvin to help him on his mission. Although Joyner helps his rediscovered old friend, he does so reluctantly. When a spy agent informs Joyner that Bob is bad news, Calvin doesn't know who to trust, but he ends up going with his instincts and goes with Bob on one crazy adventure. 
 Together with Stone, they go through shootouts, double-crosses within double-crosses, twists, turns, and scores of adventure as the unlikely duo attempts to figure out who the terrorist, the Black Badger, really is, before chaos erupts and affects the entire world. 
 The movie is action-packed from start to finish and stars an excellent combination that is Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. The movie has tons of comical moments that help to make the tone of the movie fairly light throughout. Although parts of the movie are slightly confusing, that was most likely intended, because the audience isn't supposed to be sure who is trustable and who isn't. The ending of the movie is nicely done and helps to elucidate the movie's lessons. The movie is also exciting, entertaining, and enjoyable, so Central Intelligence is a great movie choice. 

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Central Intelligence is a great movie choice. 

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