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Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

September 30, 2021
By Anonymous

            “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….” a set of movies took place known as The Star Wars Saga.  To this date, there are 11 movies in the saga: three original movies, three prequels, three sequels, and two stand-alone films.  These movies are some of the most iconic and popular films in movie history.  The movies all concern one main conflict, the Jedi versus the Sith.  This conflict is represented in all 11 movies, but really stands out in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.        Revenge of the Sith is the third movie in the series and the sixth one ever created and is a fantastic film that represents many qualities of a good movie.  Revenge of the Sith contains and portrays many good criteria of a quality film such as originality, character development, and music score.

            The Star Wars Saga is about as original as movies get.  George Lucas created the idea of Star Wars back in 1977.  The concepts of jedi, sith, lightsabers, and the force had never been heard of until then.  All these ideas are represented in Revenge of The Sith.  The main characters, Obi-won Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker are both jedi knights.  Throughout the movie they are in a constant battle with the sith, Count Dooku and Darth Sidious.  The difference between a jedi and a sith is the jedi believe in the light side of the force and the sith believe in the dark side.  The force is a metaphysical power which binds the galaxy together and can be controlled by force sensitive beings.  The force is unique and is only in The Star Wars Saga.  Lastly, in Star Wars there exists lightsabers.  A lightsaber is a laser sword weapon yielded by jedi and sith, and it is one of the most iconic weapons in movie history.  Throughout Revenge of the Sith there are many fights including lightsabers whether it is between a jedi and a sith or a jedi and separatist battle droids.  These different aspects throughout Revenge of the Sith and the rest of The Star Wars Saga is what make the films original and unique.

            The character development in Revenge of the Sith is in my opinion the best in the whole saga mainly because of the main character Anakin Skywalker who later becomes known as Darth Vader.  The character Anakin Skywalker starts out as a young padawan who is still trying to find his calling as a Jedi.  When his master, Obi-won Kenobi finds him on Tatooine as a child, it is discovered that Anakin is strong with the force and is the chosen one who will one day bring balance to the force.  Obi-won promises to train Anakin, not knowing what he’s getting himself into.  Anakin develops emotionally throughout the film, as a result of finding his soulmate, Padme Amidala.  Jedi are forbidden to have emotional attachments, so everything he does had to be secretive.  Padme affects the course of the film and Anakin’s actions.  Anakin revolved his life around padme.  When it come to the point where her life is in danger and the only way to save her was to join Darth Sidious and the dark side, he did.  Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader.  Anakin’s character development changed not only the course of Revenge of the Sith but also the course of the entire saga which is why it is a great film along with the other aspects.

            Lastly, what makes Revenge of the Sith such a good film is the music score.  The soundtracks used throughout the movie have received multiple awards.  The music used to introduce Darth Vader and accompany his entrance received four Grammy nominations, winning three, and the soundtrack was up for the prestigious album of the year award.  The music was eventually inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2007.  Also, the music playing during Anakin’s duel with his master Obi-won earned a nod for best instrumental composition and was also nominated for best score soundtrack album for motion picture.  Most of the other music throughout Revenge of the Sith came from the original trilogy movies. Those soundtracks are even more decorated and have earned even more awards in the past.  Revenge of the Sith contains some of the best movie sound tracks ever created.

            To summarize my thoughts, Revenge of the Sith contains many qualities of a good film that are portrayed through originality, the character development, and the music score.  The concepts of Star Wars are unique to the series and cannot be duplicated.  The character development throughout Revenge of the Sith makes it a better film and really ties it in with the rest of the saga.  Lastly, the music score in the movie is incomparable and on another level.

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