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November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Mulan is a movie made on 1998 about; a Chinese maiden secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China's greatest heroes in the process. And she does this to save her father from death in the army. Mulan is an animation adventure comedy and a drama. Mulan is a girl, the only child of her honored family. She prays to her family's ancestors for protection and luck before leaving as a man in her father's armor with her family's horse. The ancestors awake and decide to send Mushu, a little dishonored dragon to aid Mulan in her quest. After being spotted and pursued by the enemies, an impass situation in the mountains forces Mulan to come up with an idea. But then, her real gender will no longer be a secret. She decides to risk everything in order to save China. There she learns that her courage, intelligence, and determination offer her a way to bring honor to her family and herself. She's braver, more independent, and less focused on winning a husband. Mulan is an ancient Chinese legend, which is said to tell the real-life girl warrior. In the end mulan ends up falling in love with the General of the Army and for the rest you have to see part 2.

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