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Hannah Montana - Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

The Best of Both Worlds

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like living a normal home life trying to be a normal teenager and than portraying yourself as a famous singer in the real world? Well in Hannah Montana which airs weekly on Disney channel you definitely get the best of both worlds. This show is about a girl named Miley Stewart who from the outside looks like a typical teenager going through the typical struggles at high school. But that’s only half, she secretly is a teenage pop star known as Hannah Montana who is well known throughout the world. Except for her dad, brother and two best friends Lilly and Oliver nobody knows her secret. This show really stands out from the others because of the strong acting, meaningful plot and entertaining characters.

In this show the acting is very strong. Due to the amazingly close relationship with Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus the chemistry on set is very strong. For example in one episode I remember, Miley Stewart lost her voice and needed surgery. The strong sympathy in a father daughter relationship really started to stand out. Also Miley’s friends do a good job of interacting with her that makes the show very interesting.
In this show there is a very meaningful plot. It keeps my interest as a viewer because there is always a conflict in the show between the characters that is very entertaining. If its Miley struggling with her friends or her dad trying to watch his weight it is almost always something the viewer can relate to.
In this show the characters play there role perfectly. Each person has a specific role that they play well but one character really stands out for me. Jackson Stewart Miley’s brother plays a typical annoying sometimes jealous brother. But in the end Jackson has always got his sisters back. In one episode I remember Jackson and Miley are in a truck and think that they are about to fall off a cliff. Jackson holds on to Miley and helps both of them get out of the truck. When they get out they realize that the big cliff they thought they were hanging off is really only a two foot drop, they are both relived. The important message though was that they both had each others back and wouldn’t let the other get hurt. With the actors being so entertaining there is never a dull moment in the show.
In conclusion this show is a show that people of all age’s boys and girls can relate to, that I strongly encourage people to watch. It is a well put together show that has a strong message within the plot. It is a show that has strong acting, a meaningful plot and good entertaining characters.

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