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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Zombie ruins most popular and inflectional titles in the history of the genre!

Halloween (2007) really has absolutely no famous actors or anything that could make it good. This remake from the original Halloween about the serial killer Michael Myers was nothing more than garbage.

The story behind this so called “scary” film tells about the legend of Michael Myers who became a serial killer because his step-dad was a jerk. The first Halloween as a back up, but it’s really new.

I went to see this was because a good friend told me it was the scariest movie she’s ever seen. It turned out there was nothing bloodcurdling about it. Sorry director Rob Zombie and everyone else who thought this movie was menacing there is a vital line between scary, like peeing your pants and blood and guts. Halloween (2007) was nothing terrifying, just gory, and gory blows when you have been waiting for a good scary film and you planned to see one and it turns out to be the most disgusting motion picture ever written. This Halloween does not compare to Carpenter’s original because it was not scary at all in my opinion.

Costumes and special effects were a plus in my book, though, because it really looked like the people were dying. They were pretty decent, but when the whole movie is about teenagers having sex and then getting killed every five seconds it gets really old. The music, however, gets Zombie a major plus, because he stuck with the original theme song. The costumes were appropriate and so were the special effects. With the appropriate outfits and make up, I could almost tell it was the real when the younger and older version of Myers was really killing those people. But what would have made it even better is if it were what everyone said it was “…the most scariest movie in a century.” Yeah right, I wish it were. I could really tell it was Zombie who was directing. All the blood and guts and with the nudity and sex, made this disastrous remake even worse. It was nothing like the first one, and usually all the remakes of major motion pictures, never are.
John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) still stands as one of the creepiest films ever recorded. You’re sitting in your seat eating the popcorn like you think know what’s going to happen and, WHAM!! your popcorn flies onto the couple right behind you, because Myers is somewhere that you didn’t even expect. When you hear that “Michael Myers is coming to get you” theme song, you get goose bumps. But this new version is nothing at all like the original. You’re seating in your seat knowing this movie isn’t going to be good when the fourth person dies having sex five seconds after the other three have died the exact same way as the first. That’s exactly how I felt seating in that theater wishing I never paid $5.75 for a movie I thought would get me out of my seat and running toward the door in horror. All it made me do was run toward the door trying to get out of that atrocious film known as a “major motion picture.”

If you see this movie on a shelf soon, keep walking. Halloween (2007) disgraces Carpenter’s original Halloween.

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