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I Am Legend

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

One day I was walking down the street and I was like hey lets go see I AM LEGEND! And so we did. It was the best decision of my entire life.
Although intense, and pretty scary, it is pretty flipping cool. Some parts you could die you are so scared, and you want to leave but you can't make yourself do it!
In all scary movies after you watch it you are going to sleep at night and you tell yourself that it's not true because it could never happen right? But in this movie, it could happen. You can't tell yourself that it's not possible, because it is possible. Now I think that right there is scary. The thought that what you are could actually happen is scary enough. Luckily you usually can't think about that while you are watching it because, well you're totally into the movie.

Now I don't want this article make you not want to see it because it is a really good movie and you should TOTALLY see it, but I'm just telling you the facts. If you don't like scary movies do not see it. Go see...Curious George gone wild or something a little more happy.
So, in conclusion, I would just suggest that you go and see this wicked movie. It may be scary, but you will be happy you saw it after. Although you might have nightmares for many years of your life I'm just kidding it really isn't insanely scary just some certain parts that make you jump. So what are you doing stop reading this and go rent it.

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