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March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

“Stardust,” is a fantasy filled film with magic, suspense, laughter, and action. Shooting stars, flying pirate ships, vengeful witches, and true love may seem a bit crazy, but it all fits nicely into the story line. Director Matthew Vaughn couldn't have done a better job. Charlie Cox was great playing Tristan Thorn and Claire Danes(Yvaine) was stunning.

It starts out when Tristan Thorn starts a journey in search for a shooting star to prove his love to beautiful Victoria. He thinks of nothing else as he soars to collect the star that turns out to be Yvaine. While trying to Yvaine to his beloved, scheming princes and witches are on their tail. The princes are fighting for the crown and the witches are thirsty for Yvaine's youth. Will good rule over evil in this fiery tale?

I would definitely recommend seeing this enchanting movie. It has a captivating plot and ancient magical objects that you would want for yourself. You will also find yourself laughing and gasping at the evil that follows these characters. It is a must see!

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