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September 5, 2008
By Omar Sanchez BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Omar Sanchez BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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The movie starts off with John Smith (Val KIlmar), a construction foreman paying his crew for that week. Just as johns life was getting simpler and his wedding coming up soon John’s wife whispers quietly to him “there is some one in the house” John reaches for his bat and pulls his wife with him and guides her towards their sons room. John tries to catch up to the robber as soon as he gets close enough he takes a swing at his head. The impact of the hit kills the guy. John’s wife calls the police and explains what happens.
The Police took john to prison for killing a man. John was processed and booked as the bus was nearing the prison a riot broke out and john was held as an accessory of murder, and if he did not comply he would be held as the murderer in the bus riot shanking. John was gaining respect amongst his fellow race, as the blacks were starting to hate him. John survived the prison life by fighting and getting a bigger reputation through fights and stabbings. John finally had a big enough ranking to get into one of the prisons biggest white gangs. John decided to shave his head to show loyalty to his fellow gang.

John’s gang life in prison was interfering with Johns wedding and Family. John decided to have one last fight against a black crip. John trained for this fight knowing the black guy was much bigger then him. The day of the fight finally happened and the corrupt guard turned off all the cameras so their would be no evidence. John was losing the fight until he swallowed his pride and fought with heart. John’s cell mate passed him a shank and john took it and gave the guy a beating. After the fight the guard went down into the yard with a gun to shoot John. Another guard who was not corrupt switched the cameras back on and every thing going on in the yard was being recorded. The CIA showed up with a warrant asking to see all tapes of the prison from that day. The videos were watched and used as evidence. John was then released from prison and resumed his life as a construction foreman. I would recommend this movie to any one who is into drama movies and action.

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