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September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

While I was walking in Wal-Mart I went straight to the movies. There where many movies that I could only choose one. While digging in the bottom I just got the movie that fell into my hand. The movie was called Trade. I read in the back of the movie and it seemed really interesting. So I bought it.

This movie is written by Jose Rivera, it’s about an odd-couple that likes small children. When a 13 years old Adriana is kidnapped in México City. The people that kidnapped Adriana have other children from other states. What they do to these kids is terrible things. They beat them and other things that you could imagine. All these children get sell to odd people in every state. At last they just find Adriana alive and the other kids dead.

I would truly recommend this movie to anyone, but especially to teenage girls. It’s very sad what happens to teenage girls these days. Many girls like walking to places with friends. You never know some one could kidnap you. So I really would recommend this movie to every single teenager.

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