April 17, 2013
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This movie was turned from a book by C.S. Lewis, it is the 3rd book from the Chronicles of Narnia. The movie plot starts when edmond and Lucy are in London and Edmond (who is under age) tries to sign up for the army but is caught giving the feel that he is restless for some action. When they get home to their uncle and aunts house they attempted to greet their uncle who does not seem to take much intreast in them. Eustuse is not very happy that his cousins are in his house. Lucy and Edmund are not very happy about their placement either.

A great entry way to the children getting into Narnia is when the children are sucked into a picture frame that Lucy and Edmund admire. Fast forwarding a few scenes and when on the ship Edmond thinks it’s a trick that his cousins are playing on him, of course it is not. We also see by the massive size of the ship that Narnia has been prosperous.

A main part of the movie is the green mist which takes people away and no one knows where. The problem with that was that the green mist was taken from another book. From a later interview, the director said that the reason for taking the green mist out of the context of another book was that the plot of the movie had no mainstream action which was actually a smart move by the producers of the movie because it added more action.

Eustuse was not afraid to give his opinion about things that happened in Narnia and still thought the whole thing was a hoax put on by his cousins to scare him. This gives us a look inside of him showing that he was distrustful to his cousins.

When the group from the Dawn Treader finally reaches the dark island of where they set out to find the people that disappeared from the green mist and kill Edmund’s darkest fear, this is very good because now Edmunds fear has been destroyed and a families are reunited adding joy in the movie giving it a lighter side. Then, after a violent battle scene with Edmund’s fear, they reach the end of the earth which is called Asland’s land, this land is like a metaphor for heaven and it looks very peaceful adding a little light to the movie which is very nice after so much violence. Eustuse was changed back from a human to a dragon (he had earlier fallen to temptation and become a dragon) telling us that we are all tempted. Reeteep decides to leave the world and go into Asland’s land, telling us we will not see him in the next movie and it adds a good bitter-sweet moment.

Overall, this movie is a great action movie though some things were changed from the book to the movie. It’s PG-13 rating is deserving. Overall, this movie gets a four-half out of five stars.

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i love the narnia series so I thought I would write somthing about one of the movies

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