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Radio Review

October 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Radio is a heartwarming video for the whole family. Radio is rated PG and I give it a three out of five stars. Radio was a fabulous movie with sports comedy and also some sad parts to it. Radio is a young boy with mental disabilities and is played by Cuba Gooding JR. who does not have mental disabilities. Radio is befriended by Coach Jones, who is played by Ed Harris, after Radio is tormented by some of the boys on the football team. Radio then learns that he is just like everyone else, and can do almost anything he sets his mind to. Radio then overcomes many problems such as being bullied, insulted, criticism, and a death of someone close. Also he is befriended by everyone at Hannah high school, including so of his football tormentors. One of the tormentor’s dad still thinks that Radio is a problem and is doing everything he can to get radio out of Hannah. Coach Jones then sticks up for Radio and the boy said, “Radio isn’t the problem dad. Radio also helps coach the basketball team as well as the football team with Coach Jones. So if you like movies with sports, comedy and some emotion you should come see Radio.

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