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   NewYork was born in the streets. At least, that is Martin Scorsese's view in thisbloody, historical epic of nineteenth century Manhattan. The movie opens with aclose-up of eyes that show determination and sorrow. They belong to PriestVallone, played briefly but effectively by Liam Neeson. He is the leader of anIrish gang, the Dead Rabbits, who wants to challenge the oppression of theso-called "natives" run by one William "Bill the Butcher"Cutting. This is a man who prides himself on being a true American, and wouldmurder every immigrant coming off the boats if he could. It is his job to keepout the foreign hordes, as he so eloquently puts it.

Vallone and his mentry to suppress them but can't. In a roaring, bloody, cinematically astoundingbattle scene, the natives are victorious. Priest Vallone falls under the knife ofBill, the battle ends, and the natives rule New York once again. Vallone's son,who calls himself Amsterdam, gains a strong hatred for Bill from that day.Sixteen years later, he takes his father's place and continues where he left off.This is 1846 New York.

The movie contains excellent and strikingperformances. Leonardo DiCaprio's performance is both sincere and endearing. Hehas come a long way from the young boy on "Growing Pains," and haslearned to act along the way. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the role he was obviouslyborn to play; Bill the Butcher is insane and clever at the same time. Day-Lewis,who hasn't been a film in five years, clearly has not lost his touch. CameronDiaz is also impressive as Jenny Everdeane, a pickpocket con artist. Though herrole is not very large, she makes the movie more fun to watch.

Scorsesewon the Golden Globe for Best Director this year. He displays the genius in"Gangs" that he once did in films like "Taxi Driver" and"Mean Streets." "Gangs," nominated for five Golden Globes,can expect many Academy nominations. .

This movie is rated R.

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