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October 6, 2008
By Anonymous

In “Radio” a mentally challenged person, played by Cuba Gooding Junior, traverses a small town collecting things he likes until he meets the family neglecting coach played by Ed Harris. I wanted more death, I’m not saying if there is or not, and a little less of that sentimental mush but I’m not a huge sentimental flick fan but all in all it was decent,to the point of not being a weapon of torture. I generally like Cuba flicks but in the mentally handy-cap department this movie hails in comparison to Gilbert Grape. The 7 out 10 rating was overly generous and should probably be maybe 4out of ten. This was not Michael Tollins, the director, best work and is easily beaten by his comedy works like “Norbit” or the show “all that”. Much to my shock it won a Camie and an Image Award and was nominated for a Black Reel, Espy and a Razzie. But seriously it’s so close on the border of being a chick flick its not even funny. The only laughable thing in this movie is Cuba’s teeth and how in one of his other movies he is a dentist. With 1 hour and 49 minutes it’s a nice length but I wouldn’t buy it see it or rent it. Probably sucker a friend to rent it and watch it at there place. Heck, don’t let it cross the front door of your house. It will kill you!!! Just kidding but it’s still terrible.

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