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By Anonymous

   "Pleasantville"is a terrific movie that forces you to realize that people who are different areoften picked on.

Two teen siblings, a rebel sister and a dorky brother,are sucked into "Pleasantville," a black-and-white TV show where bookshave nothing written in them, basketball players never miss their shots, andthere is nothing outside of Pleasantville. The brother, who has memorized everyepisode of "Pleasantville," knows exactly how things are supposed togo. But when his sister, who has absolutely no regard for this, starts doingthings differently, color begins to appear.

When "people" startturning colors, the mayor decides he must take action. Books are burned, sectionsroped off for the "colored" people, and a dangerous aura settles overPleasantville.

This movie is worth watching if for nothing other thanReese Witherspoon's performance as a rebellious-teenager-turned-bookworm. Ihighly recommend it!

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i love this so much!