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   To what absurd lengths would peoplego for two million dollars? "Rat Race" attempts to answer thatquestion, but the plot gets so wrapped up in slapstick humor that it ends up notmaking any sense.

The movie stars Whoopi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding Jr. andJohn Cleese. The basic plot? Eight people playing slots in Las Vegas each win aspecial golden coin that enters them in a race. The coin is exchanged for a keythat opens a safe in a railroad station in Silver City, New Mexico. The firstperson or team to open the safe wins the two million dollars. All eight gothrough unbelievable experiences to make it to Silver City.

One charactermeets a pretty young lady who flies a helicopter. She offers to fly him to SilverCity in exchange for half the money. The problem is, she finds her boyfriend withanother girl and goes to great lengths to get revenge: she damages herhelicopter, steals her boyfriend's truck, and is chased by police for half themovie.

All the teams go through similar, problems. All the while, theperson who set up this race has his friends bet on who will win. There are justtoo many twists in "Rat Race," like a roller coaster without the thrill.

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i love this so much!