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The 6th Day MAG

By Anonymous

   Have you been looking for a film packed with suspense andspecial effects? If so, do I have a movie for you!

"The 6thDay" stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Goldwyn. Adam Gibson(Schwarzenegger) discovers he was cloned and the clone has taken over his life.The movie has great action, including car chases, gun fights and buildingsblowing up. It is also loaded with special effects like futuristic vehicles andhigh-tech living. Although it drags in spots, the special effects make up for it.

All in all, "The 6th Day" is a four-star box office actionsci-fi thriller. If you enjoyed "End of Days," "The FifthElement" and the Terminator flicks, you will like "The 6th Day."

I leave you this to ponder before you see the film: are you what youthink you are?

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i love this so much!