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By Anonymous

   What do you getwhen you animate cowboys, superheroes, penguins and potatoes? Oneawesome movie! "Toy Story 2" has proven to be another hitmovie from Pixar and Disney, and is sure to capture the imaginations ofaudiences of all ages.

It has humor kids will appreciate as wellas jokes that will have adults rolling in their seats. The"Story" plot is about a cowboy toy, "Woody," who isagain stolen (this time by a toy-store owner) from his home. Woody istaken to the store where he is united with Cowgirl Jessie and theProspector - other characters from an old television show his characterstarred in. He misses his friends and has to decide between going withthese characters to sit in a museum in Japan or returninghome.

"Toy Story 2" is also a flashback to "ABug's Life," containing scenery, hidden figurines and even anappearance from the old guy at the beginning of "A Bug'sLife." There are dancing Barbies, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and evenbetter - a singing penguin named Wheezy. If you want a good laugh andpure entertainment, "Toy Story 2" is for you!

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i love this so much!