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By Anonymous

    I recently rented the movie "The FullMonty" which is new on video. If you watched the Oscars on March23rd, you know the movie was nominated for Best Picture and BestDirector. To my disappointment, the movie didn't win either, but it didwin for Best Original Musical or Comedy Score.

The "FullMonty" is excellent. It is hilarious and heart-warming at the sametime. It stars Robert Carlyle, who also played Begbie in"Trainspot-ting." Carlyle gives a remarkable performance as adivorced, out-of-work father who can't pay child support for his son.Suddenly he realizes he'd better shape up and find some money fast, orhe will lose the right to see his son. He gets some of his friendstogether to create a one-night strip show. The plot alone isentertaining, not to mention the fact that all of the guys have somesort of comical problem they need to overcome.

Overall, I thinkthis movie is a huge success. The acting is magnificent and the writingexceptional. If you do only one thing this weekend, go out and rent"The Full Monty." You won't regret it!

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i love this so much!