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If I Stay

December 30, 2014
By dgeileen PLATINUM, Livingston, New Jersey
dgeileen PLATINUM, Livingston, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

I was instantly intrigued when I saw the movie poster. It displayed a rectangle sectioned off into 12 boxes. A few boxes showed the leading actress’, Chloë Grace Mortez’s, face. The rest showed snapshots of happy scenes of her and her boyfriend, her parents, and then distressed scenes of a car accident and her walking in what seems like a hospital. In the center of it all, three words: “LIVE FOR LOVE”.

Sadly, I never had time to see the movie until this past week when on a flight back home from vacation. I cried so many times during the three hour flight as I was watching this movie.

At first, I was just a normal audience member, a bystander watching with curious eyes as the main character, Mia, got into a car accident. But slowly, as I watched her memories from a little girl getting a cello as a gift from her dad, to her going on a first date, and applying to Julliard, I became more and more emotionally involved. I felt as if I was her best friend or sister, growing up alongside her and watching her experience all the milestones of her life. I was on the edge of the airplane seat when between flashbacks; Mia returns to the hospital scenes and sees herself being carried into the ICU. I internally prayed that she and her family would be okay and survive.

This movie did what true films are supposed to do: teach people about life, and make the audience feel emotion. True to the movie poster, it taught me the power of living for love. I recommend this to anyone who isn’t afraid to get emotionally attached to these characters and has a tissue box nearby.

The author's comments:

A great movie!

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