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We're the Millers

May 16, 2018
By MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
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 We're the Millers is a hilarious comedy that utilizes its incredible cast to its finest. The movie is about a man named David, who is a drug dealer in Colorado. When his boss tells him about this giant shipment in Mexico, David seizes the opportunity to make a lot of money. However, in order to get into Mexico without arousing suspicion, David decides to gather up a fake family. He gets this kid who just turned 18, who lives in his apartment building, Kenny, a runaway girl named Casey, and a stripper named Rose to build up a fake, believable family. The family then drive a recreational vehicle down to Mexico together and have this insane adventure.

 This movie is hilarious and one of the best comedies ever. The movie is very entertaining, and is a movie based off of the typical road trip for a family, with some minor changes. Although the plot is fairly predictable, the movie is still an enjoyable movie that will surprise many people and surpass lots of expectations. 

The author's comments:

One of the best comedies to come out recently. 

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