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Shrek 2

May 21, 2018
By MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
MovieReviewer_18 ELITE, Short Hills, New Jersey
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 Shrek 2 is the sequel to the first "Shrek" movie and is about Shrek and Fiona's adventures. After returning from their honeymoon, Fiona's parents have invited her and Shrek to their kingdom, after they heard that she met her true love. However, they expected her to fall in love with Prince Charming, not a fearsome, giant ogre named Shrek, who has a talking donkey pal and has attitude, who is not the typical Prince. Not to mention that Fiona's parents are unaware of the curse.

 This movie is exciting, just as enjoyable as the first, and meets the high expectations that are made. This movie is just as big, ogre-filled, mystery-filled, exciting, and the movie is filled with just as many twists and turns as the original.

The author's comments:

The tenth-highest grossing animated film of all time. 

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