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Joy In The Journey-10 years of the greatest hits by Micheal Card

June 5, 2010
By TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
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Have you ever wished that you could find some deep lyrics amongst this sea of pointlessness? Do you ever wish to find a cd filled with lyrics that make you think and music that keeps you coming back for more? Well, you probably can't get any deeper or more challenging and addictive lyrics than Micheal Card. He's not all that popular. In fact, the only way many people know him is from the fact that he wrote and originally performed "El Shaddai" (feat. on this album), which was made popular by award-winning Christian artist, Amy Grant. This album is filled with doctrinal truths and answers many of the questions we as Christians have every day and simply gives new ones to ponder.

Like, have you ever thought that Jesus was considered the wisest man on earth? Or have you wondered if he was simply "God's Own Fool"? Do you know the "Scandalon" of believing in Jesus Christ? Have you ever really took the time to wonder "Why" Judas betrayed Jesus the way he did; by giving Him a kiss? Or that Mary, Jesus' mother, was created by her very own Son?

These a simply a few of the meaningful and make-you-stop-and-think lyrics that you will find on "Joy In The Journey". And everyone knows that the '90s style music is incredibly addicting. One listen to "Joy In The Journey" and you'll be hooked for life.

The album focuses mainly on the life of Christ (Card enjoys recording albums that focus on one main topic, i.e, "The Fragile Stone" focuses on the disciples and "The Word" focuses on the prophets). From His birth (Immanuel), to the last supper (Come To The Table), His betrayal (Why?), His death (The Final Word) and His resurrection (Known By The Scars), Card covers it all. His music is enjoyable and while some songs are slightly darker than the rest ("Known By The Scars", "Scandalon", "To The Mystery"), and those are some of my favorites, others are acoustic or cheerful. His lyrics challenge the way we perceive Christ, His life and the Bible in it's entirety. Although most of Micheal Card's music is from our parents generation, I believe we Christian teens can learn a lot about our faith, if we simply put away our pride and choose to listen to some "oldies" and learn more than we ever imagined about the Bible from Micheal Card.

The author's comments:
This is one of my favorite albums ever! It is absolutely amazing!!

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