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The Academy Is ... - Santi

March 14, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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“It was a plane ride, from L.A.X. to O'Hare, and what happened next was a series of unfortunate events. Please stay tuned for what happens next.” This is a quote from an alternative rock band, that call themselves The Academy Is…The name of this album is Santi. There are five people in this band. Lead vocals are sung by William Beckett. The bass is played by Adam T. Siska. The rhythm guitarist is Michael Guy Chislett. Lead guitar is played by Mike Carden. Finally, the drums are played by Andy “the Butcher” Mrotek. “The Butcher” also sings backing vocals. This is overall outstanding music, played by talented musicians.

This CDs genre is alternative rock. This is their latest CD, so it is evolved music from them. The music is simple, but well put together. The creative lyrics go with the beat and the music. William Beckett has an amazing voice that fits the tone of all the songs. The songs all vary on the CD a lot. The only bad thing about Santi, is that some of the songs could be forgettable to some people. There are slow songs and energetic songs. People that don't like alternative rock music will, most likely, not enjoy this album as much as people that do. Compared to other alternative rock bands, it is a pretty good album. The Academy Is… is a lot like other alternative rock bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic At the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, and Arma Angelus. They are alike because the word choice is a lot of the same words. Most of the music is pretty simple. There is nothing to extravagant. They are, in many ways, alike.

“I am no gentleman.” These are some lyrics to one of the songs off of Santi. It is called “Everything We Had.” This is one of their first single released form this album. It is about a boy breaking up with his girl friend. He's trying to not make her cry though. This is the slowest song on the album. It tells the feelings of the writer, this is called emo music. This song is not a “pump-up” song. This is a great song, and it shows the real The Academy Is…

“You shut me up and bleed me dry. Cheap champagne and a complicated lifestyle.” These are just more lyrics from a different song called “Chop Chop.” This was not released as a single. This is about a boy who is deciding whether to stay with his girlfriend. This is a fast paced song. The music is fast, while the lyrics are creative and work with the music. This is definitely my favorite song off this album.

Some lyrics to a song by The Academy Is… are “We are restless and tired of sleeping with giants, with modern mankind and their egos of fire. And it seems like it's been a lifetime.” This was also a single released. This is about someone who is trying to go out with this person they met. The verses are medium paced, while they chorus is slow. This is their best song, in terms of lyrics, off of this album. People may not like it that much. It is not your average song. I love this song too.

This is an overall great CD. This would be recommended for people who like alternative rock music. People that like to be in touch with their feelings while listening to great instrument playing and awesome singing. If you like awesome lyrics and good music, this is album is recommended to you.

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