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January 31, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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I think Britney Spears's music on her “Blackout” CD is the best she has ever produced. From when she first started nine years ago till now, her styles have changed. Britney went from the sweet and innocent to the wild and crazy. “Blackout” has a sort of techno vibe to it. There is not one slow song on there. This is new for her, at least one song on, “Baby One More Time”, “Oops I Did It Again”, “Britney”, “In The Zone”, all have songs that really don't go with the CD. Where As “Blackout” can keep a fast tempo. Any more that's what any teen wants. They want to be able to drive around with their friends and just jam or rock out. That's exactly what I do with this CD, when I go to places I take it with me, or some times I'll listen to it when I get ready for school, I seem to always have it with me because you never knows when you are going to have a Britney moment.

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