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Cute Is What We Aim For

July 4, 2008
By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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Cute is What We Aim For, the pop/alternative band from Buffalo, New York is a good band. That much was revealed in 2006 when the band released The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch. In Cute's sophomore release Rotation the band proved that they were far more than a good band, they proved that they were a growing, developing band.

First of all, the content of the album is superior and shows a real maturing. No longer lamenting about that unobtainable crush, the band has matured to topics that reflect the fact that they're no longer teenagers. The album's first single "Practice Makes Perfect," speaks of the regrettable mistakes made in young adulthood. The nostalgic "Hollywood" is the woes of a young person growing up in today's society, and wondering back to those times of old that to those of us in our early to mid twenties, really do seem like the 'age of innocence.'

The lyrics on this album are far superior to that of the last. As good of a band as Cute is What We Aim For really is, there are certain things unforgivable about the lyric 'shallow as a shower' or 'but my bottom lip along with the top one too.' In this album, listeners will be delighted to find that the lyrics hold a certain depth to them, that had not been achieved by this particular band before. A personal favorite as far as superior lyrics go, is the album's closer "Time."

The general "feel" of the album so to speak also shows a superior sense of creative development. From the sultry "Navigate Me" to the sweet and sentimental "Safe Ride," Cute is What We Aim For proved to their listeners that they can pull off a variety of music, while keeping themselves unique, fun and the same old band that die hards had fallen in love with earlier.

Cute is What We Aim For is currently on tour with Ace Enders, Danger Radio and Powerspace. Their website is

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