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The Harold Song by Ke$ha

April 28, 2012
By SamsQ GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
SamsQ GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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When I first The Harold Song by Ke$ha I didn't know it was sung by her, like when I first heard Justin Bieber on the radio I thought he was a girl. Anyways, I thought that this was different than her normal songs, like Blow or Tik Tok. In this song she talks about something everyone can relate to: broken relationships. It doesn't have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, but a best friend or a family member. That is part of the reason that makes this my favorite song by her. The song sounds like its really her singing about something that happened, something that gets some kind of emotion out of you, instead of singing about parties and alcohol and what not. Not everyone can relate to that. The lyrics have no swears, it's completely clean. I think it is a very good song overall. It's also really catchy.

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