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Just a dream

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

¡°Just a Dream¡± by Carrie Underwood. The song is about a girl who marries a young man in the army two weeks after her eighteenth birthday. Soon after the most important day in both of their lives comes the saddest day in hers. She says, ¡°I was counting on forever, now I¡¯ll never know,¡± when she gets the news that he¡¯s not coming home. She doesn¡¯t know what to think. She goes over it over and over again in her mind. All the while, she thinks ¡°This can¡¯t be happening to me. This is just a dream¡±. When she attended the funeral they sang a sad song and she was handed a folded up flag. But it still didn¡¯t feel like reality. Like a buzzer, when the ¡°guns rang one last shot¡± it hit her. Felling like a ¡°bullet in her heart¡±. She wasn¡¯t prepared for loss, and she hadn¡¯t expected the sudden death. Which made the pain all that much more to feel.

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