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   Lastspring, Megadeth released "The World Needs a Hero." As with many '80sheavy-metal bands (not to be confused with hair metal), Megadeth's sound hasbecome less thrashy and more hard rock. Despite a seemingly ever-changing lineup,the band's founders Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson have survived nearly twodecades to become one of the biggest metal bands in the world.

Some sayMustaine, on lead guitar, is the father of thrash metal, which he is credited forinventing in his Metallica days. His ability on the guitar is awe-inspiring, andAl Pitrelli provides a nice complement with his own handiwork on theguitar.

The first track on the album, "Disconnects," hascatchy guitar parts that provide a solid rhythm any listener can jump rightinto.

The title track starts off with a psychedelic bass drum part, butquickly goes sour. The verses maintain an awesome drum line, but Mustaine talksthrough them, ruining the power of Jimmy DeGrasso. The choruses are even worse;Mus-taine proceeds in his screeching voice, which is just irritating. The solossave the song from being intolerable.

"Moto Psycho" is one of myfavorite songs. It's got an air to it that makes it addicting, but it's not oneof those songs you get mad at when it gets stuck in your head.

"1,000Times Goodbye" starts out heavy, and is a delight to all headbangers withits deep sound, courtesy of bassist Ellefson and DeGrasso on drums. It getscorny, though, when a girl breaks up with Mustaine over the phone. He tries tomake it sound as if he's part of the conversation, but his dialogue is obviouslypart of the song. It makes the static on the phone seem out of place and kind ofstupid.

"Dread and the Fugitive" is amazing. DeGrasso againserves up a masterpiece using his bass pedals. It's one of maybe four sounds inwhich Mustaine doesn't try too hard to sing, and it's his laid-back style thatmakes the song great.

There are two things that infuriate me on thisrecord. The beginning of "Burning Bridges" sounds almost exactly likethat of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun," but Mustaine takes credit. Thisisn't the only song like that. In "When," Diamond Head's "Am IEvil" seems sampled to me. Although a couple of the chords are altered, thesound remains by and large the same. I believe not attributing the music to itstrue creators is robbery.

Mustaine's voice cannot be duplicated but itdetracts from the talent of his band. He changes his tones too much. After awhile his voice be-comes a nuisance.

"The World Needs a Hero" ismore rhythmic than anything. Despite the problems, I like it. I can't think of aword other than "catchy" to describe it. Mustaine's song-writingability is superb, he just needs some vocal alterations and material of his own.

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