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   The members of Everclear must have been amazed. One minute they were a band with a relatively unknown debut album, and seemingly the next minute had a new album and a song which was tearing up the music world. "Santa Monica," the first release from Everclear's "Sparkle and Fade," propelled the band to where they are today. Everclear, hailing from Portland, Oregon, is comprised of Art Alexakis on vocals and guitar, Craig Montoya on bass, and Greg Eklund on drums. Alexakis also produced the album. "Sparkle and Fade" was released late in 1995 and its popularity has continued to grow ever since. Everclear's music contains many styles - everything from acoustic to electric and slow melodies to all out rockers.

"Santa Monica" isn't like all the other songs that have come out recently. It has that extra something that makes you want to listen to it more. The song simply has everyone wanting to "Live beside the ocean/leave the fire behind/swim out past the breakers/and watch the world die." But don't think that this is the only great song on the album, there's something for everyone. The slow paced beat of "Pale Green Stars" and the melodic "Strawberry" are two unbelievable tunes that may not even be noticed. Also, two rockers - "Heroin Girl" and "Nehalem" - are outright hard rock tunes that couldn't be achieved by any other band.

Everclear's sophomore release, "Sparkle and Fade," has set new standards in the music world. The album's lyrical content is incredible and musical styles unequaled. "Santa Monica" will get most people to buy the album, but when they listen to it they will realize that they have entered into a realm of music that they have never experienced - the realm of Everclear

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