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The Secret Life Takes On The World!

March 26, 2009
By Anonymous

ABC family has a hit show The Secret Life of The American Teenager. This show is so hooking like a large extra cheesy pizza. Drama GALORES this show dealing with the main character Amy; who is pregnant and is struggling to like a normal freshman life. Other characters are Ben, Ashley, Mr. & Mrs. Jergins, Adrian, Jack, Grace, Tom, Tammy, and the most popular boy in all of Grant High School; Ricky Underwood. Secrets are hard to keep sometimes; and just when one problem is solved, another emerges.

Since Amy is having a baby and other high school dramas are brought up a lot in this show; audience members ages should be around 13-and up. If you are interested in watching this television phenomenon, you can catch The Secret Life on ABC family at 8:00 pm on Monday nights. Take a peek at the students of Grant High’s everyday crazy life!

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