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The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

The Prince Remains On His Throne
Can’t stand your Uncle Phil? Neither can Will! The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is a sitcom about a young Will Smith moving in with his rich Uncle Phil. It comes on at 11:30pm on Nick At Nite. Set in Bel-Air, California this sitcom never disappoints. Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is a must see do to its original plot, unforgettable characters and natural acting.
The plot is what really makes Fresh Prince so original. Will is always finding ways to get into mischief, like accidentally setting the kitchen on fire. Will always breaks something gets in an argument, or tears the house apart. His problems only get worse when his “not so bright” friend Jazz gets involved. As I mentioned before Will thought he could impress his Uncle Phil by making flambé. He ends up burning the whole kitchen down. Good times……….good times.
Fresh Prince also has the most unforgettable cast. The most recognizable are Will, Uncle Phil, Jeffry and Jazz. Uncle Phil is the strict, angry uncle we all have. Since he has two daughters, no wonder he’s uptight. Will is the hyperactive nephew that always finds a way to get in trouble. Jazz is the idiotic friend that just makes everything worse and the butler, Jeffry, is the sarcastic joker that never fails to make fun of the family. With all these different personalities in the same house the hilarity never ends.
The acting in Fresh Prince is what really makes it shine. The actor’s dialogue is never choppy or delayed. Will brings the dialogue to life with his versatile and ingenious facial expressions that cause you to laugh every time. This combined with body language is just amazing. You know will is hyper when he is loose and can’t stop moving. You know when Uncle Phil is angry when he has a stern look and is very tense. The writers must be very imaginative and creative. One character’s acting that really stands out is Jeffry. He keeps a smile whether he is angry, upset, or he’s just being sarcastic; never frowning once. That is just incredible.
Fresh Prince is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms out there. Fresh Prince is a must see due to its classic plot, colorful characters and breath taking acting. I strongly recommend the network to keep Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air on the air and watch the ratings skyrocket. I strongly recommend for you to go watch it now.

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