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About a Girl

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever tried living with four very messy guys? It isn’t easy is it? Well that is exactly what Amy has to do in the show About A Girl (8:30pm, on Noggin/The-N). As a freshman in college, she is forced to find a place to live. She ends up living with four guys in one dorm. About A Girl is not like the rest because of the unique storyline, how well the characters play off each other, and the humorous interactions between the characters.

Many sitcoms now have a similar storyline, average parents (or parent) trying to raise their teenage kids. Then dealing with the problems that come with having teenage kids, boy/girl drama, drugs, ect. But About a Girl is different, there is no other show like it. Yes, there is boy/girl drama, like the breakup of Amy and her boyfriend, but there are new conflicts too. In one episode there is a huge flood that destroys a girl’s fraternity dorm building at the college campus in California. Amy’s roommates, Benny (Marshall Porter), Jason (Jesse Hutch), Dude (Sandy Robson), and McRitchie (Braden Williams) quickly volunteer to help. Amy who does not like the fraternity, is upset when one the girls have to move in with her and the guys for a couple days. Each episode is unique and has surprising problems.

There is not one dull character in this outstanding show. When one character says something funny, either an insult or a sarcastic comment, it is backed up by another equally funny comment by another character. These characters play off each other extremely well and are very believable. The characters deal with problems that a “normal” college student would deal with. So it is easy to understand what they are doing. What they say sounds like something heard by a college student now.

The majority of the conversations/interactions between the characters are humorous. There are many love triangles in this show. One of them is between Amy, Jason, and Benny. Benny likes Amy, Amy likes Jason, and Jason goes with the flow and dates around. This creates many complications, and tensions in the house. There is a strange awkwardness for a while. Though it is complicated it is funny and exciting.

About a Girl is outrageously funny and entertaining, and should definitely be watched. Due to the unique storyline, how well the characters play of each other, and the humorous interactions between characters, there is never a dull moment. It needs to be given more credit. No other show can compete.

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