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Saved by the Bell

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

We think we know everything about high school, but we have no clue!
Well this is what the “Saved by the Bell” cast does; they go through the struggle and happiness of high school at Bayside High School in California. “Saved by the Bell” (Monday – Friday at 7:00am, ET, TBS), took over TV with the fantastic cast behind Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselar) and was highly successful. “Saved by the Bell” stands out from the pack because the characters are unpredictable, the writing is an A+, and the plot is top-notch.

People who know Zack Morris and the “Saved by the Bell’ cast will be surprised with their believable acting. The always-in-trouble Zack Morris is very believable in his role because the problems he gets himself into and how he portrays the conflict and then solves them. Zack uses his charm and looks to get out of situations. The cast know what to say and when like clock work. The cast work so well off each other; it is unbelievable.
Along with the amazing talent and the cast, “Saved by the Bell” wouldn’t be amazing without the unique writing. With how good the cast and the show is, you never know what will happen next. In one episode they joke around just like high schoolers, like when they go to the “Max,” is a restaurant, they eat at and hangout like regular high schoolers. But what is amazing is how the cast interrupt each other because they know each other so well and the writhing is so great.

Along with the amazing talent of the cast and unique writing but the storyline is the significant thing. Although much of the story takes place at Bayside High School, the main point about “Saved by the Bell”, is high schoolers and high school problems. When you watch “saved by the Bell” you never know what to expect there is a new problem every week. Also are the different conflicts they go through and the message they get at the end of the show. Like one episode Zack, Lisa, and Slater learn never to drink and drive.

“Saved by the Bell” deserves five stars because the plot, writing, and the characters are very unique. The characters play off each other and make you feel like you are in the sitcom and you are going through those situations. The network should take “Saved by the Bell” back because it was America’s show and took everyone by storm.

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