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December 21, 2007
By Anonymous

“Moonlight” is a mystery/thriller/action/supernatural TV show about an immortal vampire and private investigator, Mick St. John. It chronicles his struggle to stay alive after he was bitten by his newly married vampire wife, Coraline St. John, some 50 to 60 years ago; with the help of his immortal mentor, Josef. Now in the current year of 2007, Mick has found himself falling in love with a mortal, Buzz Wire News reporter Beth Turner. Not only that but Mick’s wife has come back to haunt him; not as an immortal vampire, but as a mortal human with no traces of ever knowing him. “Moonlight” is shown on CBS every Friday at 9:00. The whole show together (I.e. the plot, characters, settings, and scenarios) are really thought out well. Everything always connects back to something earlier that may not have made sense. Most importantly the dialogue isn’t cheesy. The characters always say the most realistic things possible in whatever situation they are in or are handling. The jokes are pretty good too. “Moonlight” is produced by Warner Brothers Television and Silver Pictures. Joel Silver is executive producing with Trevor Munson and Ron Koslow both writing and executive producing.

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