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Kid Nation

January 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Kid Nation… a show trying to prove that the kids of the generation to come can actually pull themselves together to form a make-shift town. Being stuck in a hot ghost-town in New Mexico, with no adults, or much control…critics didn’t give them a chance. However, the 40 kids (minus those who left early due to a case of severe, almost untreatable homesickness) did a great job of proving the critics wrong ….Bonanza City wasn’t a total disaster.

Bonanza City, New Mexico was the town deemed to be the home to 40 kids, for a long 40 nights. They range in age from 8 (Jimmy, the youngest, from New Hampshire) to the ancient, primeval, wise unofficial leader of the gang… Zach (the oldest at 15-years old from Nevada). Three left early, including poor Jimmy who lasted only three days.
However the real story of Kid Nation was the fact that 40 kids from all over the nation and of different ages were able to get along (for the most part), and form a town with a make-shift ‘council,’ and a broad social class system. Many kids were helpful, yet some like a 10 –year old girl from Georgia, named Taylor, were big-time brats and rarely wanted to help…even when punished for laziness.
Yet the real major issue concerning the show wasn’t the drama, the kids, or the prizes they won ($25,000 ‘gold stars’ were awarded weekly for leadership, accomplishments, etc.). The issue most people had concerning the show were the legal ramifications.
Controversy has surrounded the show for weeks. The New Mexico attorney general has actually been called to investigate the show. The big questions: Were child labor laws were violated ? Were inspectors illegally kept from checking out the set?One mother, reportedly complained to authorities that her daughter's face was burned by spattered cooking grease, and four other children accidentally drank bleach during the show. Of course, CBS reports, “the injuries were immediately treated by professionals.’’
CBS has not considered whether they should bring the show back for another season. Praying to the Bonanza City god for no lawsuits, or any further complaints, CBS is hoping the talk of the most likely broken laws, and emotional woes, will go away as soon as another season of Survivor, and another Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show rolls along.
 The motto formed by the end of the season:
The children of Bonanza didn't make the rules. They inherited them. It's not a kid nation. It's our nation.

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