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Secret Life of an American Teenager

March 18, 2009
By adrianna blea BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
adrianna blea BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Can band camp do much to you? To young girl Amy Jerkins, band camp was the biggest mistake. Amy went to band camp her eighth grade summer. She loved music but loved to play it even more. One night things went wrong with little Mr. Sweet talker, Ricky. That night went wrong and now she's a scared for life

August 21st, rolled around, and it was already the first day of school. Finally, a freshman and now everything would be different. Ding, great, she was already late for 1st period. 'Ouch'! She screamed, her friend Lauren and Madison rushed by her side to see what had happened. They rushed her to the bathroom as Amy told the story. They had amaze in their eyes; they couldn't believe that little Amy would do something like that.
Immediately they took her to the convent store. They had bought three pregnancy tests so Amy could get tested.

They reached school grounds and quickly Amy stepped into a stall. Five minutes later and she stepped out holding the pregnancy tests, all three had pluses. Amy broke down in tears; she wasn't ready for a baby.

Months passed by and she had yet to tell anybody. Her belly grew big and she was beginning to get big. Now she really had to tell her mom. That night the baby was kicking like crazy she couldn't sleep and the pain was to much to handle. She walked down the stairs and sit in the kitchen. After about five hours passed before her mom came down that morning. She was startled by Amy, soon Amy spoke, 'Mom I'm pregnant.' Ever since that early morning the baby was no longer a secret, but was going to part of the family.

Her last decision was to either keep the baby or find good parents to adopt it. Amy and her mother both wanted to give it up for adoption, well Ricky, Ben, Ashley(her sister) and her dad, all wanted her to keep the baby. Amy wasn't sure what to do, she still had a lot of life before her, and this little baby would mess it up. She had to do what every mother would do, she would keep the baby.

Nine moths came faster than ever, was she ready to have a baby at fifteen. Nobody knows, but now she lies in the hospital with her baby boy.

In my opinion this show is amazing. It really teaches you about teens and what they are going through now. Also, it shows how guys can be so smooth and everything until they get what they want. This show is really good for teens and for everybody to make good decisions. I would recommend this to anybody. You will not go wrong watching this.

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Reese said...
on Jun. 30 2009 at 11:24 pm
Reese, Laurel, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Mortimer Brewster: The name Brewster is code for Roosevelt.
Teddy Brewster: Code for Roosevelt?
Mortimer Brewster: Yes. Don't you see? Take the name Brewster, take away the B, and what have you got?
Teddy Brewster: Rooster!
Mortimer Brewster: Uh-huh. And what does a rooster do?
Teddy Brewster: Crows.
Mortimer Brewster:... It crows. And where do you hunt in Africa?
Teddy Brewster: On the veldt!
Mortimer Brewster: There you are: crows - veldt!
Teddy Brewster: Ingenious! My compliments to the boys in the code department.

I would just like to say that it's not ALL the boys fault, It takes two to tango. So you can't just say that this show will tell you how smooth boys can be cause a girl can say "no" lots of them just don't say "no" when they should. And this show will only teach all the teens out there that it's ok to have sex at 15 and it's not such a good thing. So I don't agree with this at all but good article, very well written.

Alexis said...
on May. 30 2009 at 9:06 pm
Alexis, Bellingham, Washington
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Good job :) i love this show too