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Syms - A "Score" For Talent MAG

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   SYMS - Summer Youth Music School - is located on the beautiful campus of the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. SYMS is a wonderful opportunity for musicians of high school age to come together for two weeks to perform challenging selections of music under the direction of local musicians, including teachers of music from high schools and universities, as well as freelance musicians. Students from all over New England (as well as around the country) audition for "seats" and prepare themselves to enjoy two weeks of intense practicing in their band or chorus, as well as take advantage of the school's facilities by attending classes in the different departments at UNH. Classes range from small groups specializing in a particular instrument, voice to various others, including History of the Theatre, Dealing with Performance Anxiety, Improvisation and more.

After a hard day at work in their band, orchestra, jazz band or jazz choirs, students take the opportunity to enjoy an evening's entertainment of specially selected professional regional bands, watching student and faculty recitals, the student talent show, or going to dances and movie nights. The concerts and performances are enjoyed by all, and students "get into" the music, applauding and cheering on fellow musicians with an enthusiam that is rarely seen in today's society.

That is the special uniqueness about SYMS. Students who attend go because they love to make music and want to make music. That, combined with the dedicated teachers and directors at Summer Youth Music School, comprise its success. L

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