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Am I an American Patriot?

October 30, 2007
By Anonymous

It's 1965 in Northern Vietnam, and soldiers are hiding in the bushes, waiting to attack. It's the dead of night, and every single person is as quiet as a mouse, not daring to move. Then, all of a sudden, came a roaring noise, and a blinding flash of fire exploded all around them. It was an ambush, and they were right in the middle of it. Incidents like these happened often during the Vietnam war, and I cringe at the thought of seeing how much destruction and damage they caused. The soldiers in that war were fighting for their country and for their lives, and that makes them true patriots. It must have taken an immense amount of courage to face the horrors war can bring, courage that is unimaginable to me. This makes me wonder, am I a patriot?

A man named Adlai Stevenson once said "Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." This quote reminds me that you don't have to do big things to be patriotic. The smallest actions that build up throughout your life can make a difference, and show how much dedication you have for your homeland. For example, when I was in second grade, my art class was to submit drawings into the "Love of America" contest. We had to draw a picture of what America meant to us and show how we felt about it. Although I am not very skilled when it comes to drawing, I decided to participate in it anyways, doubting my success the moment I started. My final picture showed tall apartment buildings and houses stacked side by side. Then, in center of the page was the American flag, and across the top were the words "I Love America." When I submitted my picture in, I had no idea that I would actually win. It turned out that I got third place out of the entire county! I was completely shocked, but very pleased with myself that my picture actually spoke out to people. Right at that moment, I realized what being a patriot was all about, despite my young age. I am not an artist. I am not a soldier. I am not the President, but I am an American patriot.

A patriot is a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. I now know that I am a patriot, due to the fact that I love these United States with all my heart, and I will support my country until the day I die. And even though I'm not a soldier fighting for our country, I am a true patriot.

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