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The University of Wisconsin: Green Bay Vs. Madison

April 26, 2009
By Jessica Leseberg BRONZE, Deerbrook, Wisconsin
Jessica Leseberg BRONZE, Deerbrook, Wisconsin
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One decision a senior in high school faces upon graduation deals with where they wish to attend college. This decision may be extremely easy or difficult; either way, two institutions to keep in mind during a college search may be the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Both colleges contain several astounding common factors like great classes, prestigious professors, and top of the line learning facilities, but each individual university gains its unique identity based upon the differences between them.

People choosing to obtain their post-secondary education from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, may prefer a smaller, more secluded or not-a-right-in-the-middle of a huge city, type of college. The campus of UWGB sits about ten miles from the core of Green Bay, WI, so, going shopping of catching a flick with some friends will require a bus or a car. Green Bay also offers perks for students, like a free membership to their new state of the art workout facility known as the Kress Events Center, reduced ticket prices for concerts or plays at the Weidner Performing Arts Center, and most importantly, a bathroom that inhabits each and every dorm room. The scenery that surrounds UWGB is like viewing a smooth summer sunset, which disappears behind a horizon each and every day. Not to mention, the close bonds that form from the small class sizes, the one-on-one time with professors, and the mentality that when going there, a person will be remembered by name and not just viewed as a number.

Now, if students choose to pursue their degree at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, they must enjoy a larger campus located right downtown in the beautiful city-capital of Wisconsin. Unlike Green Bay, Madison’s campus is within walking distance to all the stores anyone would wish for, within blocks of numerous movie theatres for those late date nights, and within centimeters of the various night-time entertainment establishments, let’s just call them clubs. Although the scenery that surrounds the fortress of buildings that make up the massive UW Madison campus may not be as appealing as that surrounding UWGB, the scenery that lives within UW Madison’s own University Hospital can be just as touching to the human heart. The research being conducted there draws students to the University just as bees are drawn to honey. One of the many reasons people, especially students going into the medical field, choose to attend Madison is to gain access to the valuable, live-saving techniques, being perfected and taught there. The class sizes may be more intimidating than those of Green Bay and at times each student may feel like a number, but to have the ability to learn from the best can cancel out any fear a student may face.

Whether a student shows more interest in UWGB or UW Madison will depend largely upon what appeals to that person. Each university has unique characteristics, and in deciding to attend one or the other, a student must take into account all the things associated with that university, whether good or bad. If a student finds that he or she fits nicely into a particular campus, then that student obviously has made the correct decision.

The author's comments:
I have written this piece reflecting upon my decision between both these universities, but I feel this article can apply to anyone who may be between colleges at the present moment in their lives. Thank you in advance for your review of this piece and I hope you enjoy.

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Badger Girl said...
on Jan. 3 2011 at 2:43 pm
Next time you find yourself or someone you know vitamin deficient and in need of a supplement, you can thank UW Madison researchers who isolated these supplements and that is just one of the many life changing discoveries been found each and every day not just at Madison but on campuses around this nation.  I support advancement, and yes, not all stories have happy endings, but that doesn't only reflect individuals and as far as the professors are concerned, it has been my experience in Madison the last two years that if you need help and are willing to show initiative to approach people for it, they are thrilled.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I only offer another way of looking at these issues presented above.

on Jan. 1 2011 at 9:58 am
Great Medical Research?  Really.  I just spoke with my best friend from high school who was over-radiated when treated by UW Madison residents.   This left her changing bandages on her body hourly for the rest of her life.   I have my own experiences there in research.   Stay away.  It is impersonal and your opinions will be lost in the powerful UW Madison ego sphere.   Professors walk on water and you don't count.   I recommend Green Bay.   Teaching will be better, teaching is valued----undergrads at Madison are big zeros.   Even grad students are zeros.   There you have it.   Nobody will cop to this.