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University of Pittsburgh

March 28, 2010
By Megan Bane BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
Megan Bane BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
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The University of Pittsburgh was founded in 1787 and has grown from a small log cabin to the magnificent university it is today. Located in the city, Pitt gives students a college experience they will find nowhere else. Pitt offers something for everyone, whether it is a student organization or honors housing to help students with their studies. The University of Pittsburgh is an excellent school for students who wish to achieve their goals and get involved in a wonderful college atmosphere.

Set in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life, the University of Pittsburgh’s campus is extremely unique. The campus offers beautiful scenery from The Lawn of the Cathedral of Learning to Schenley Park. Because Pitt is a part of the city, it has many off campus attractions, such as the Carnegie Science Center and Museums of Natural History and Art as well as Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. With the streets of Pittsburgh serving as hallways to its students, Pitt ensures to be an exciting campus.

Dorm life at Pitt offers a variety of options. Thirteen residence halls are available to students ranging from singles to suites. Living in the Litchfield Towers allows students to be in the center of the action, while honors housing allows for a quieter setting. Bathrooms vary depending on the residence hall and may include a half bath shared between two rooms along with communal showers for the floor. However, future students need not worry, living on campus is only required for freshman year.

Although the University of Pittsburgh is a public university, being a nationally recognized school causes the cost of attendance to be slightly high. In-state tuition is about $13,000 for two semesters and out-of-state is about $23,000, with room and board at about $8,900. However, most students find the cost of a University of Pittsburgh education to be worth every penny due to its outstanding quality.

Pitt is a fairly large school with a student body of about 15,000. Pitt is culturally diverse and has many international students attending each year. For most students, size is not an issue because of the many organizations that Pitt. The Student Organization Resource Center is home to over 400 student organizations and can make Pitt feel like home. Ranging from sororities and fraternities, to the Pitt Pathfinders, to countless numbers of volunteering groups, Pitt has something for everyone. Even though the University of Pittsburgh is a large school, students have no problem fitting into the crowd.

Overall, the University of Pittsburgh is a fantastic school that allows its students endless opportunities. With the campus mixed into the city, students will get a unique college experience. Pitt offers many different options to its students so everyone can find his or her perfect fit. The University of Pittsburgh is the perfect school for students to achieve all of their goals.

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