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     Washington, D.C.: Many of my friends cringe at the mere mention of college, since they are not ready to give up all they have established in high school. They seek comfort in our suburban hometown and when they do begrudgingly proceed to college, they choose schools that offer that same sense of security. Not that I fault them, but I am ready to move on and begin my emancipation by opening the doors into a new realm of multicultural experience and learning. I was initially drawn to George Washington University because of its urban setting, but as I learned more about it, I definitely felt that GW is where I belong.

During an info session, the representative explained how George Washington differs from other universities. One compelling feature is that it incorporates the many resources of the city into students’ studies. GW also provides the opportunity to hear many distinguished speakers.

While some student bodies thrive on their athletes’ adventures, GW boasts an impressively diverse student population. This facet registers high on my list of what I am looking for in a college. Since childhood, I have been exposed to different types of people and cultures so applying to a school comprised of a homogenous demographic would be taking a step backwards.

Although I do not have specific career goals at this time, I hope to establish a firm background in communications and I feel GW is the perfect place for that. The political prominence of the city would prove very beneficial for my education in the communications field. There, I could experience professional insight into the industry on a daily basis; the program “Crossfire” is even taped on campus and encompasses both media and politics. It is a more than amazing steppingstone for any communications major.

George Washington University embodies every notable feature I am looking for in a college. Geographically, academically, and socially, it is a perfect fit for me and I greatly anticipate my four years at this remarkable school. Their website is

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i love this !

Jessica A said...
on Oct. 30 2008 at 1:50 am
Thank you for this article. George Washington is my first choice, and it's helpful to see other opinions of it.