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     Evansville, IN: I live in central Indiana, and the University of Evansville is located in the most southern part of the state. My parents and I were told that it would take four hours to get there, but it actually took over five. That was quite a trip, but the long drive was well worth it once I saw the campus.

The U of E is beautiful. The buildings are grey stone, which any romantic would love, and beautiful flowers of every color brighten the grounds. The campus is actually in the city of Evansville and I was afraid the streets would be packed with cars and that it would be extremely loud with all the city noises (I am from the country so I’m used to quiet), but I was surprised. It was quiet and manageable and gorgeous.

The campus is extremely compact - it’s probably only a five-minute walk from the farthest residence hall to the classrooms. That brings me to one point I don’t like about U of E: freshmen must live in a residence hall (unless they are commuters). This wouldn’t be so bad if the rooms were larger. I was hoping to get an apartment near campus. They do have apartments on campus, but they are reserved for upperclassmen.

I toured the classrooms, and, from what I saw, they are up-to-date as far as technology goes. They have pretty little desks, but other than that I liked the rooms. They were small so I could tell classes would be as well. I really liked that because I’ve always gone to a small high school. I also liked the professors. I was able to meet with one from the department I am interested in. I even dropped in on the department head, unannounced, and he was happy to meet with me (and I hadn’t even applied to the college yet!) That showed me that the professors and staff really care about students, even prospective ones!

U of E is a small college that focuses on the individual. Students have a name and professors and staff learn that name and use it. I have applied and been accepted to other colleges and one of the first mailings after my acceptance letter was my ID number. I was no longer me, I was just a number that made things easier for the college. In contrast, I am still receiving emails and letters from the head of the

department that I would enter if I attended U of E who wants to make sure all my questions have been answered.

If you want a small college atmosphere where everyone has a big heart, U of E just might be the place for you. Learn more on their website

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