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   Bloomington, IN: The campus of Indiana University isbreathtaking. The first time we drove up to the main entrance, my family was inawe. Rolling green lawns and neatly tended flower beds set off majestic buildingswhich seem to belong to another era. The dormitories are nicely furnished, mostwith air conditioning. Each has a unique quality.

IU is one hour fromIndianapolis and three from Chicago. Bloomington is an interesting town with manystores and restaurants. The movie "Breaking Away" was filmed here anddepicts the history of the Little 500. This popular bike race takes place everyyear; students line up, sandwich in one hand and a banner in the other, to cheerand wave on their favorite riders. As a distraction from constant study,basketball and football call students from their desks and the library. TheHoosiers are in the Big Ten; basketball and football are the most popular sportson campus with each having its own stadium.

Many well-known entertainersappear on the Indiana University stage. Pop stars and Broadway companies performin the newly refurbished auditorium. Rent, Annie, Stomp and Victor-Victoria arejust a few of the many musicals that have visited the school.

For anunbeatable combination of academics, sports, culture and camaraderie, IndianaUniversity is an excellent choice.

Reviewed in 2000

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