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   Smith College

Northampton, MA: An all-women's school can sound a bit scary at first. It was only by chance that I stopped to see Smith College, which ended up being my college dream come true.

Smith is known for training women as leaders with such well-known alumnae as Gloria Steinem. Smith has a picture-perfect campus with beautiful dorms that house no more than 100 women. You eat with everyone in your house and once a week you have tea together. There is no core curriculum so that you can choose classes which cater to your interests. With UMass-Amherst (among others) nearby, there are plenty of social activities available.

If I sound a bit like a Smith ad, it's because I absolutely loved this school. And to all young women who don't look at Smith because it's all women, you don't know what you're missing. f

Review by J. D., Westport, CT

Reviewed in 1994

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