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The Cold, Hard Night/Lost in the Woods

April 10, 2019
By 3077028 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
3077028 SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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I remember seeing a hill ahead. It had a golden glow. I tried to go after it, but then I feel a cold slap of wind


Under normal circumstances, I would have kept going, but this told me that a blizzard was coming. Blizzards are dangerous, if not fatal, due to their winds and snow. If I don’t find/make shelter soon, goodbye life. I wonder how I can survive the night, only having 2 jars with me.

Then, I see an abandoned cave. I could stay there for the night. Now, I need to take care of food, warmth, water, sleep, and weaponry/ tools. I see an ax just sitting randomly on a stump. I use it to cut down a tree for wood. I get some of the wood, as well as rocks and leaves to make a firepit, and I take two of the rocks to make a fire for warmth. Now I need to do food. I pluck some apples and nuts from a tree. I get berries and roots in bushes. I use my ax as a weapon to hunt. I kill 2 rabbits, 3 pheasants, and a bear for meat. I also use the bear hide for a blanket. Now need to take care of sleep. I could use some of the wood to lay on, get some leaves for comfort, and I use the bear hide as a blanket. Next up, water. There is a huge lake. I take some water in the jars before it freezes. Finally, weaponry. I only have an ax and a bit of wood. But I hear a voice outside my cave. “Weapons! Weapons! Come get weapons!” I notice it is a realtor. “Hey, sport. In the need for weapons?” I tell him I do and I tell him how I am living in a cave. “Wow, you know survival like the back of your hand! Here, take the whole lot, on the house!” I take the box back to my hideout. I open the box and I find a bow and arrow, a couple of knives, a boomerang, a drill, and a snow shovel in case I need to dig my way out. Good timing, too. I hear the howl of wind and feel the chill of snow. I get a big boulder and cover up my entrance so no cold air can enter. I drill holes in the boulder for air and I eat dinner- roast pheasant with an apple and berries for dessert. After that, I fall asleep.


The next morning, I cook some rabbit for breakfast, have some nuts and berries with it, put out the fire, and I set out for the hills. I may not know what lies ahead, but now that I know I have a ton of rations and weapons at hand, thank goodness that realtor was a good sport.

The author's comments:

This was probably the best piece I've made so far. I've watched a lot of survival shows since the age of five and learned that you need more than just food and drink to survive.

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