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By Anonymous

The date was April second. April second was the day her life changed. April second was the day my life changed. She found out she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The fir...

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By Anonymous
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By KindKame BRONZE
Cupertino, California
KindKame BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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By desafinada GOLD
Chicago, Illinois
desafinada GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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By mcauley BRONZE
Cobbtown, Georgia

It was just another normal day on the 34th floor of the north world trade center tower. I was just working, sipping my coffee and going on with my day. About 10 minutes after I arr...
mcauley BRONZE, Cobbtown, Georgia
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By uniquelymysterious BRONZE
Dundee, Florida
uniquelymysterious BRONZE, Dundee, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Your life isn't yours if you always care what others think" -Emma Marie

agwriting GOLD, Sammamish, Washington
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LucyM BRONZE, Kent, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
90% of my happiness is coming from my pants.

Alright, alright, sorry, inside joke. Okay how about: "If you give a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day; if you set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life." -Terry Pratchett.

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