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A Boy with Clouds

May 20, 2021
By Methmi PLATINUM, Colombo, Other
Methmi PLATINUM, Colombo, Other
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“When things get hard, stop for awhile and look back and see how far you’ve come. Don’t forget how rewarding it is. You are the most beautiful flower, more than anyone else in this world.”

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy named Josh who was 4 years old. He was so cute that he had a fluffy blonde hair. When the wind blows, his hair flies everywhere. He lived on top of a hill with his parents in a beautiful little cottage. This family had a little farm with goats. They made dairy product and sold them to have an income to maintain the family. The face of the hill was covered with green fresh grass. There were lavender flowers which made the environment to lovely.
            Josh used to sit on a rock and observed the blue sky every day. It was like his hobby. He observed the cloud patterns so carefully and saw a lot of artistic clouds.

                        Hey, fluffy white clouds
                        Every day I cheer you
                      You are like a genie from a lamp
                      Wishing, on you I can stamp
      As this little lad loved the clouds so much, he used recite poems foe his happiness. He saw clouds in different shapes as animals, magical characters and many more. The saddest days to him were the rainy days

                You naughty black cloud
                                            So stout
        You swallowed my white cloud
                                            So loud
        Sad inside you is what is what
                                            I found

            He shouted at the black rainy clouds because when those are there, he won’t be able to observe the surrounding beauty and the white clouds of different shapes.
          What do you think about his ambition? Josh always said he wants to be a pilot one day so that he can take the aero plane above the layers of clouds. He loved the clouds as a sky angel without any reason but only because of his hoppy to see them and the beauty he sees through it.
        Once, he was observing the clouds and suddenly he stood up and went to his father.
                      “Yes, Josh?” His father replied.
                    “Can you take me to the clouds?” He asked.
              “What do you mean?” His dad was shocked at once and thought of this childish request to take him to the clouds.
                “They are so far. I am having only a foot bicycle which cannot fly. You grow up quickly and buy an aero plane, so that you can take me also there” His dad said without much caring.
                “No dad, it isn’t a joke. I want to go and play there with my cloud friends.” He said again. This father could not escape from his child’s words.
              “I have a lot of work son; you also go and mind your business without daydreaming. You know I am working day and night for the betterment of you.” He said as Josh was crestfallen. He went to his mother.
              “Mom, I want to go to the clouds. Can you take me there?” His mother had mercy on this Josh’s thoughts.
              “I would be happier if I can take you there, son. But the world is so huge that we cannot even imagine”
                She said. This 4 years old boy was so close to his mother since the day he saw the light of the world.
                “I asked dad whether he can take me there, but he didn’t give a proper answer. I want to know how it feels for the birds when they are among clouds. I will feel it only if I could go there.” Josh cried. Day by day his sadness increased. His smile was fading away as a paint of a cloth fades with water.
                His mother’s heart was overflowing with mercy to this childish thought as he requested it every day.
              One day his mother told him,
              “Josh, my son, I promise I will take you to the clouds.”
              “Really? But how? Did you buy an aero plane with the money you saved in the till?”, said the child with a big smile.
                “Be with patience and trust me. Soon you can go there,” she said to Josh confidently.
                  This mother, with a great idea to fulfill his son’s childish wish, went to meet Josh’s father who was working at the farm.
              “Darling,” She called.
              “Yes sweetheart,” he said.
              “I actually… want to tell you something…about…you know…our little Josh.” She said
              “Why? What happened?” Josh’s father asked with confusion.
              “As I can see, our child is very unique from other children.  You know what other kids are asking from their parents, right? Others are asking for toys and other fancy stuff while our son is only asking to take him to the clouds. He is a gift to us from god. He knows the beauty of the nature at this very little age, He is not asking for luxurious things as others”, She explained.
            “So what? Are you asking me to buy an aero plane from with the money I hardly earn from the farm?” His father said as a joke.
            “No, nothing like that. You see… Our child’s dream is to fly above the clouds. But to fulfill his dream, we don’t have that much of money for his education. Just the little money we have is also spent for the basic needs. We are poor that we cannot make him happy with worth. But I have an idea to make him happy. It will be like he made his dream come true.” His mother said with pearl like tears falling from her wet eyes.
              “Oh, my love, I am always with you and Josh. He is our son. It is also my duty to make him happy with what I have. I know that I cannot make him happy with luxurious items, but I can make him rich with happiness and self- esteem. So, tell me darling, what is your idea?” He said making his wife feels relaxed.
            “Our son is facing different problems. He doesn’t have any friends to share his emotions. Once he said that the kids of the village neglect him saying he is a poor guy. I have seen that he is saying all his sorrow to the clouds thinking that they are listening to him and will take away all his sorrow and every bad memory when they are passing by” She said again.
          “I know, honey, you and Josh is my world. You two are my best worth. So what can I do to make him happy?” Josh’s dad asked.
            “Can you remember the meadow we visited before Josh was born? It is a little far away from the village. It was a really nice environment with little blossoms all around. And the best thing is that area is covered a lot with fog in the morning dew. I still remember the lovely time we had there that day. I want to take Josh to that fog so that he will be thinking that they are clouds and he will be so happy”. She said with joy.
          “Great idea! Darling, we haven’t been on a trip due to economic matter since we got married. Maybe our son is also depressed staying at home. He wants to fly above the clouds. Let’s go to the blossom meadow tomorrow.” He said.
          Josh’s mother was overjoyed as she ran to her son. Josh’s father’s heart was full of love happiness for his wife’s ideas.
        “Son, pack your bag with what you want. We are going to the clouds tomorrow.”
        “Really mom?” Are you joking?”
        “Not a joke, dear, “she said.
        Without thinking of anything, with his joy to meet the clouds, he asked from his mother.
      “When do we leave?”
      “When the first ray of sun falls on your face and when the first sound of the church bell rings” she said.
      He ate up his dinner and went to bed early. This night passes and the first ray of the sun fell on to his face. The church bell also rang”
      “Mom! Dad! It’s time to go to the clouds. I am impatient to talk to my genie shaped cloud.” He shouted with excitement.
        They got ready, went to the town and hired a cart from the town and his father said,
        “Take us to the blossom meadows, please”
        “What? Meadows? But the clouds are above the sky, not the meadow” Josh questioned.
          As this child knew nothing about a cloud like thing as fog, his mother said,
          “Dear, as the clouds are your friends, they told me that they will come to that meadow to see you”
          “Really, mom? Are you also talking to them as me?” he asked
          “Yes son, I learnt it from you,” The son was very proud when she said that.
            His dad was also so proud of his wife’s wisdom to make his son happy.
            Finally, they have arrived at the destination.
          “Here we are! Now go to your cloud friends my son” his father said.
          Josh ran through the meadow between the blossoms into the cold fog which he thought it was clouds while his parents came gently behind their child, holding hands and being happy by seeing the joy of their son’s face.
        “This place looks lovely as the day we two came here that day”, Josh’s mother said to her husband.
        “No, today, this blossom meadow is lovelier than that day, because that day, it was only two of us alone. But today our son, Josh is also there. This is lovelier with him” He said as they two with the happiness in their hearts reached the son who was at the fog.
      “Mom, these clouds are not having shapes of animals and other things! Why?” Josh asked.
      “Yes son, they are so happy to meet you. So, without even caring about their shape, they are hugging you.” His mother said.
      “Finally, you took me to the clouds. I love you mom and dad! You two were my aero plane to take me to these clouds on the ground.” Josh said
They had a lovely time in this foggy meadow all day.

The author's comments:

Even a fog can be a cloud to a child because of the love given from his or her parents

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