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October 1, 2009
By Jose12 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Jose12 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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Thursday August 12, 2022. The clock struck 7:00am and the blazing corona peeked through the blinds warming up everything in sight, and soon, standing tall the like Egyptian Sphinx. I, being the lazy boy I am, was glued to my silky orange bed sheets. The alarm kept going off and I knew I had to rise out of bed; I was going to have a long weekend. My feet glided out from under my covers and made way to the bathroom. As I stepped onto the square tiles it sent chills running up and down my spine as if a flying trapeze was shaking me high in the air.

I made my way down the stairs awaiting the sight of my parents. Awkwardly, they were waiting for my arrival at the bottom steps. We didn’t have much time to eat so my parents packed a bad of munchies containing soft drinks, pretzels, bananas, and a variety of sandwiches. We jumped into the car and prepared ourselves for the 250-mile drive.
I fell asleep about half way through the drive and the sound of gravel causing friction against the tires frightened me. I looked out the window and was amazed at the magnificent view of the camping grounds in Boulder, Colorado. Stepping out of the blue Armada the scent of blooming flowers tickled my nose. We unloaded the car and headed to our spot. I dropped my bags and took out my tent supplies. My dad put up his tent up so quickly as if he were competing with me.
We finished putting the final touches onto the tents and after about fifteen minutes we had finished. I made my way to the lake and sat by a near by rock. The cold northern breeze filled my lungs with clean, fresh, Artic air. The sun began to fall and the lake glistened like a plate of steel.
Strolling back to the campsite I passed by a group of trees that made a passageway through the forest. I was tempted to go but went on thinking where it would lead. Eventually I made it back to my parents’ safety and began to eat dinner. Afterwards we went straight to bed. I peeked through the flaps of the tent awaiting the sound of my dad snoring. The clock read 9:58pm; he usually begins to snore at 10:00pm. 3…2…1… 10:00pm and my dad began to snore. I knew he was asleep so I sneaked passed his tent like a mouse rapidly moving across the kitchen floor in search for food.
I continued my way towards the passage and heard a loud thump coming from inside the cavern. I second-guessed myself about going in, but I knew I had to complete my task. Walking into the channel my heart beat with every step. I turned approximately 180 degrees and noticed I could not see the entrance! I must have drifted off the track. I tried to retrace my steps, but sadly it did not work. I turned around and walked back looking for signs of me passing by. I found a few shattered leaves and uneven grass, but not my steps; I was lost in a sea of never ending surprises.
My mind told me to stop and wait till morning, but I was eager escape. I heard a loud roar closing in on my outer shell and the sound of branches being crumbled into numerous amounts of mulch. I hid behind a tree counter acting the blare, but it seemed to come from everywhere in the forest. While being nervous I was also scared. I yelled, and I knew I should not have because whatever was out there was going to find me. I thought to myself, what would I do? Will I make it out alive? Is it a bear? An assassin? But most importantly my parents. What will they think when they don’t find me in the tent the next morning?
The sound came from the East than the North and then the West. I was being surrounded by a group, but a group of what? I had no idea, but when I heard a loud grunt, I knew what was after me. It was a huge bear thinking I was causing harm to her cubs. I was now in a distance where I could see the outline of the bear, but not the full figure. The moon must have known I was in trouble and decided not to shine its almighty gaze towards my area. The outline came closer and faster; the bear came charging at me. I knew it was the end of my existence. I prepared for the beating and the thoughts of having a 500-pound animal putting brutal force onto my corpse.
My eyes opened and I heard the sound of beeping machines ringing in my ear. “Mm.. Mom?” I said
“Yes honey?” she whispered.
“What happened?” I moaned.
“You were attacked by a bear, we found you laying in the grime and we called 911 immediately,” she explained.
“But I didn’t feel a thing.”
“You were unconscious honey.”
“But…” My mom stopped me.
“You need to rest,” she suggested.

The next day I was able to see the results of what had happened. I was left with a scar leading from my forehead to my eyebrow and at the end of my eye. I fell to the floor and began to yearn for a second chance.

The author's comments:
I wrote this thinking of me. But I changed the events. I was not attacked by a bear. But I was bitten my a dog.

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