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The Golden Book

October 20, 2009
By WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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I saw him. Standing there, reading a book, waiting at the bus stop. He moved back, legs aching, sitting down onto the bench that all bus stop's have. The paint was peeling, no longer pure, glossy black, but a dull, dark gray. He laughed at something in the book, I smiled. But...It was only a memory...

I touched the snow globe in my hands, rubbing it softly, flakes still falling from the roof. I slowly put it down, feeling an empty space in my soul. I walked over to my window, peering at the old bus stop; that stupid, old, bus stop.

Sighing, I left my room, went out the door, walked down the steps, and started to move towards the bus stop. But then I saw it. Turning my head, I saw a grungy dumpster, gray, and smelly, but inside of it...something glittered. It peaked my interest, and cautiously I moved over to the dumpster.

Creeeeeak, the dumpster's hinges cried out, as I roughly opened it. Inside I found a book cover, sitting inside of it's sacred folds a book. The whole thing glittered with golden light. Confused, I lifted the precious book out of the dumpster, wondering 'Why would a book be here?' I recognized this book, and I almost dropped it, right then and there, but I kept it. I just placed it under my arms, and turned, walking over to the bus stop.

I sat down at the bench, and opened it, running my hands over the pages, reading phrases, and thinking 'Did HE throw out this book?' It was the book from my memories, the one with funny words, and the one...The one I thought of all the time. I closed it sharply, not wanting to read it at all, wanting to throw away the memories.

The bench squeaked, as someone sat down next to me, their heat vibrating throughout me. I clenched the golden book harder, wanting to hide it from this stranger, wanting to make it go away...

“Whatcha got there?” A rough voice asked. I looked up, and stopped, it was him. I knew that blond hair, and golden eye combo.

“Uh...Um..” I stammered, trying to avoid the truth, as well as eye contact.

“Here, let's try it again. YOU tell ME where you found it,” He replied, looking into my eyes, and I knew that backing out was not an option.

“Hello perfect stranger,” I began “Look what I found in the dumpster!” He laughed at my exclamation, and my pulling out the book.

“Your pretty funny,” He replied. Then he grabbed my hand that held the book, and slowly pulled it away from me. “It's my book though. So, I'll take it now,” He said, giving me a devious smile, and turning my world upside down. He had thrown away this book! He had dumped this book I had watched him read so many times, and had watched him page through. I curled up my hands into fists.

“What?” He questioned, noticing my glare. I ripped the book out of his hands, watching his face slowly go from stunned, to very angry. He lunged for me, knocking me off the bus BENCH. I didn't understand why he was so upset! The whole book was gibberish, just bunches of runes put together. I picked up the book, and started to run; I ran, and ran, as fast as I could.

“Stop running!!!” He yelled out, running behind me, and quickly catching up. I started to cry, the person I thought was so perfect, was so....evil. He finally caught up to me, grabbing my wrists and pulling me back. I was right up against his chest, and I had a moment of confusion; A moment of, 'But, he's so amazing'. I pushed the thought out of my mind.

He glared at me harshly, snatching the book out of my hand, and hissing something, I just couldn't understand, at me. I stood there like a deer in the headlights, fear swelling inside of me. I grabbed the book back though, as he looked over his shoulder for the bus. I couldn't run away, but he wasn't getting this book back!

He sharply looked at me, saw the book in my hands, and said, “I guess I'll just have to end this little game won't I?” He tightly grabbed my hands, and pulled my behind him. I struggled, kicked, screamed, but no white knight came to my rescue. Tears streamed down my face, as he opened a door to a condemned building, pushing me inside.

“Sit!” He commanded, pushing me down roughly, and binding my hands, and legs. He went to the back, and I looked at the golden book, whose light seemed to be dimming as the seconds ticked by. I sighed, and looked down at the ground, realizing my fate was much worse then I expected.

He walked back in, with some silver stick, and hit me with it. I cried out in pain, and we smiled devilishly. Slowly he picked up the book, turning it's cover completely black. He turned the pages, found the, apparently, right page and pointed the stick at me. He started to read the words, and strangely enough, they seemed to flow out beautifully from his mouth. Yet the more he spoke, the more I felt like the life was being sucked out of me. Like I was being suffocated. Like I was going to die...

A stupid mistake. A stupid act of saying, “Look what I found in the dumpster!” A stupid book. No more sweet memories, no more life, no more anything... A golden book, turned black, a silver stick, and then your life is gone...My last words were so ridiculous. Oh yes, “Look what I found in the dumpster!” Nothing left for me...Goodbye to life.

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