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The Dreamers

July 4, 2010
By kari-kiwi GOLD, Snohomish, Washington
kari-kiwi GOLD, Snohomish, Washington
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"Stop judging by mere appearences and make a right judgement"
John 7:24

We were trapped.
We ran through the maze for what felt like hours. Finally we burst out side where we saw Linsdey, who stood there staring at the pool of water in front of maze's entrance. We tried to pull her away, but we both knew we'd have to leave her behind. Twenty feet in front of us was a tall wooden fence, which was mostly hidden behind an even taller
hedge. There was a gap in the hedge that must have been
made by force. We hear the war cries inside the temple and knew we had to think fast.We could either go left or right. I jumped through the hole and went left. I imediatly
begin back-pedeling when I see a man with sword waiting to greet us. He shouted at me and Annabell. We quickly ran in the other direction as fast as our legs could take us. I could barely see where I was going and, on top of running for our lives, we were constantly being hit by branches and other unidentifiable objects. I didn't know if the man was still chasing us or even how long we were running, but it was either run, or be captured which would mean big trouble. Suddenly, we burst onto a much wider path. In the back of my mind something was telling I'd been here before. I ignored the thought and started looking for a place
to hide. I looked up to see a man standing before us and was surprised I didn't see him earlier. This man had a curly and matted beard. He was wearing dirty tattered clothes and he smelled like he hadn't bathed in weeks. Before I could say anything, Annabell blurts out, "Are you homeless?" The man doesn't reply and continues to analize us. I begin to ask him for help when he held up his hand and motioned for us to follow him. I followed him because, for some unknown reason, I felt very safe around him. It was then I noticed that the man was not a man, but
a boy about our own age. The boy motioned for us to stand behind the trunk of a particularily large tree. I was about to point out that the man would probably look behind the trees when the boy quickly shushed me and left us behind the tree. It was then that we heard quick footsteps that got louder then faded to nothing. I stepped out from behind the tree, looking for the boy, but he was nowhere to be found. That was when I felt the hot breathe down my neck.

I woke in a cold sweat. I touched the back of my neck where I had felt the hot breathe. It was the same dream I'd been having for weeks. I sat up and looked at my clock. It told me it was 3:47am. It was about one hour before I
woke up the last time I had the dream (or nightmare, I couldn't decide). Exactly one hour, I realized. The summer heat was making my skin sticky with sweat as my heart
beat began to slow
To be continued...

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